Grans For Hire will be there to
support both Gran and family

Grans for Hire History

Grans for Hire was created to provide a support system for growing families who needed a little bit of TLC. In return it also provides an income for Grans who are passionate and still have love to give.

In 2020, I decided to study further while while working full time, and knew that it would put more strain on our family. Luckily, we were fortunate to find a Gran who lived close to us, and could pick up the slack and assist my children with homework.

Then we went into lockdown, and suddenly our world was turned upside down. Overnight, we had to start working from home, and also home school our kids. Our Gran was a lifesaver. She came in 4 mornings per week and provided a structured environment for home schooling. We have never looked back.

When speaking to parents about their experience with child-carers / au pairs and babysitters, the general feedback was that a mature woman would be less inclined to check their latest Facebook status, Instagram or Tweets than keep an eye on the job at hand.

Another inspiration is that many active and healthy retirees are looking for either additional stimulation or income and she didn’t know of any other service that really concentrated on mature, caring and experienced women. She thought this would be a great opportunity for families and retirees to be a perfect match for each others needs.

Most of our candidates are mothers / grandmothers and have previous experience with children, pets and the running of a home. Many of them are retired teachers, architects, administrators and are active, able, wise, qualified woman who have the spare time.

Our Mission

Grans for Hire aims to provide a platform for matching talent. We are widely recognized as one of the industry’s fastest growing staffing agencies. Thanks to our experience and personal attention to detail, we are committed to providing the best people suit our clients needs.

Our Pledge

At Grans for Hire, all placements are vetted and interviewed to ensure that they meet our criteria.

We understand that inviting someone to work within your home is a very big and personal decision. We appreciate that every family’s requirements are different and we take great pride in listening to and discussing your needs in depth. We want to match your family with the right Gran and match the right Gran with the right family.

Fully vetted

Prior to placing a Gran, we check references and criminal records, so that you have complete peace of mind.

Personal interview

Each Gran is interviewed prior to joining our team, so that we get to know them and get a feel for their personality


Each Gran must Love.

Love children;

Love themselves;

Love life


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