Our Grans are well educated and will be able to assist with homework, projects and studying

Benefits of a Gran

  • Our Grans are mature ladies with work, home, child and life experience.
  • Grans are able to use their initiative and knowledge to be responsible in any situation.
  • Grans are patient and are able to teach our children many things that have been lost in modern society as well as still show interest and intrigue in modern technology.
  • Our Grans are well educated and will be able to assist with homework, projects and studying.
  • Our Grans are able to give one on one attention and give that quality time when parents are at work.
  • Any task our Grans are handed will be dealt with nurture, love and responsibility and will help any family feel secure and at ease knowing that their home / children / pets are safe and cared for.

Choosing your Gran

At Grans For Hire we take our responsibilities as a Referral Agency very seriously with a very strict selection process. All our Candidates are mature ladies who are interviewed, background and reference checked. Whether it be a permanent or casual position we need as much information from you as possible. The more information you can supply us with, the more confident and certain we are with our Candidate selection. We want to understand your family and your needs and ensure that your new Gran will help make your life easier.

Please note that our Grans are not substitute cleaners, au pairs or slaves. They do not do domestic house chores, bath your children or prepare children’s meals.

Please complete our ONLINE FORM and we will match a Gran to suit your needs

The process

  • Complete the application form with as much information as possible.
  • Pay the search fee
  • From the information you provide Grans For Hire we will then search our database of professional, screened Grans to find the ideal match.
  • We select two Grans for you to meet personally. You can then select the Gran you think would be the perfect fit.
  • Once you have made a choice we will provide you with a Client Agreement which includes our terms and conditions for you to sign and return with the appropriate Agency Fee to secure your Gran.

Please refer to our Fees and Terms & Conditions for more information.

Our Support

Grans For Hire will be there to support both Gran and family.

We will contact you within 14 days of the placement to see how your Gran is fitting in with your families and if your Gran is fulfilling your needs. It is very important to us to ensure that both Gran and family are happy and settled.

 Grans For Hire as a referral agency will ensure the utmost professionalism, screening, reference checking and support is given to both Family and Candidate to ensure a perfect match is made to make your lives easier.

Terms & Conditions

  • Grans For Hire charges a search fee, and a placement fee based on the services requested.
  • All fees are payable by EFT and no search will commence until the fee has been paid
  • All Grans are independent contractors and are paid directly by the client.
  • The client will negotiate the rate directly with the Gran. All rates must be in line with industry standards.
  • For permanent bookings, should the family not be entirely happy with the Candidate within the first 60 days, a search for a new Candidate will commence and no additional charges will be incurred for the family.
  • Should the Candidate not be entirely happy with her family / position, she will inform Grans For Hire or the family direct and the Candidate will be required to give at least 24 hours-notice for casual and a full months-notice for permanent placements.
  • A Client Agreement needs to be signed prior to any assignment commences.
  • The contract of employment will need to be negotiated and signed by both parties (Candidates and Client) and Grans For Hire will assist with this and guide both parties by offering support, but will not be held liable for any unforeseen circumstances once employment has commenced. Please ensure your contracts are thorough to ensure both parties are covered.
  • All bookings should be booked via Grans For Hire. Please do not contact our Candidates directly as they are registered with Grans For Hire and this would be a breach of contract with both parties. Any booking made directly with the Candidate will be charged to the Client at the applicable rate.
  • Should you wish to offer one of our Candidates a permanent or full time position a Booking Fee will be applicable in addition to any temporary fees already paid.
  • Temporary Fees (up to 1 month) are payable with the booking fee upfront.
  • When a casual booking has been confirmed to the Client by Grans For Hire and subsequently cancelled by the Client – the Fee will be payable.
  • Pet / House Sitting fees are paid directly to Grans For Hire who will pay the Grans directly.
  • Casual Fees are payable at the end of each assignment directly to the candidate and the booking fee has been paid to Grans For Hire.

If you would like to book a gran, please complete the form under Hire a Gran


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